R.I.P. 2010, Johnny5 and VJnetcast.com

My PowerMac G5 Dual 2.7GHz, also known as Johnny5, that I got back in 2005 suffered a coolant leak and has passed away. This has been a known issue with this model. Yesterday the Apple Genius at the Apple Store said that Apple considers the machine “Vintage” aka “Obsolete” and will not perform any repairs on it. They aren’t even able to open and handle the computer because it’s considered toxic. I asked if they could remove the coolant system or despose of the part and and they still refused.

The fumes from Johnny5’s shell has been setting off my carbon-monoxide detector. It’s a bit disturbing so I put Johnny5 in another place until I can send it off to be recycled. Luckily the data on the hard drive is fine. I plan on getting this docking station so I can still use it to store files.

December 10, 2005 – December 30, 2010

Johnny5 loved making new friends, playing music, surfing the net, playing with pixels and podcasting. The PowerMac G5 is survived by it’s Apple Cinema 23″ HD Display, the original iSite, the 5th generation 60GB video iPod and the adorable iMac G4 (17-inch Flat Panel) and Johnny6 aka the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
Another death and birth in the VJnetcast family is that of the VJnetcast.com and VJnet.org domane names. 2010 has been a year of financial struggle and the re-newing of site registation was not in the budget. Unfortunately we have lost the ownership of vjnetcast.com. The boys from TheOccasionalFag.com were kind enough to e-mail me a screenshot of how vjnetcast.com now “helps you get hard!” Check it out below. lol

If things aren’t hard enough and you like ’em easy, now you can visit me at the new VJnetcast.tk (because it cost money to have a .com) or use vjnet.wordpress.com if you like ’em long.

From these endings on the last day of the year 2010. May your 2011 be filled with new beginnings, joy and prosperity. Have a Happy New Year! BustB!G Live Dream!



New Pixel Boxes

VJnetcast has been remade a new! To mark this occasion I hope you enjoy this complimentary Special, Official VJnetcast Edition Wallpaper. While you’re here, take a look around and hang out for a while. Let me know what do you think of the new pixel boxes. xoxo, VJnet p[-_-]q

VJnetcast_Wallpaper026_Pixelstripes, originally uploaded by VJnet.

P.S. I dropped my podcasting service with Hipcast and moved on over to MeVIO. I always had issues with the way Hipcast strips and transcodes it’s files… In short with MeVIO I can send you the original MP3 with album art and meta data! Don’t miss the next episode! Coming soon… Make sure you’re subscribed :)
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VJN37 Trinity B-Boys and B-Girls | VJnet.org

Watch VJN37 Trinity B-Boys and B-Girls on VJnet.org

At the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival in Hartford, CT. Thanks to Trinity College for hosting the event and thanks to Nomadic Wax for providing me with the music. TrinityHipHop.org | NomadicWax.com

C Ya BodyShot Bonus
Fany & Nasty By Jaro Cossiga

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Get Your Shiny New Feeds

Hiya Subscribers,

The feeds have changed for both the video and main podcast. Currently the main VJnetcast podcast page in iTunes is not updating due to a broken link to the RSS feed. So you may have not received the latest tracks for free download. The old feeds will be deactivated in a few weeks. So click and subscribe to the shiny new RSS feeds. Add them to your iTunes or use your favorite feed reader.

Here’s the shiny new VJnetcast podcast feed:

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I would hold off on subscribing using the iTunes links in the sidebar until the iTunes Store connects them with the new feeds. Happy Spring cleaning everyone!

BustB!G and live your dreams,

VJnetcast#241 – Back To The Future

MP3 File

I don't talk about healthcare reform. I don't say much about the past, present and future. But it's 2010 and Ricky Martin says he's gay.


The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me

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The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me

VJN36 Black Buffalo Nuts | VJnet.org

Watch VJN36 Black Buffalo Nuts on VJnet.org

The Black Buffalo Horn Nut, Bat Nut, Devil Pod, Buffalo Nut is the seed pod of an Oriental aquatic plant. An average nut is about 3 inches long and are toxic if uncooked. In Vietnam they are cooked with rice and vegetables or simply boiled in salted water. They taste like chestnuts but have more texture.

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Flickr Fridays Eve | VJnetcast_Wallpaper024_Happy New Decade

I’m off to celebrate and bring in the new year… New podcast coming in 2010… Have a Happy New Year and Decade! ~ VJ

The Special, Official, VJnetcast Edition Wallpaper. Download, enjoy, BustB!G and Live Your Dreams.

VJnetcast#v233 – Small Balls Are Great

Flashback | Podcaster NYC Get Together | Saturday, March 1, 2008

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There's plenty of videos that were not on the original VJnet podcast and the video quality is much better. It's not HD yet, but it is Higher Definition than you see on this podcast. Let's call it H-erD. lol

Anyway, here is a short clip from the last time I saw Pinoyboy, John Ong and a bunch of other queercasters in NYC. See the full track on VJnetcast | video podcast and subscribe!

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