VJnetcast#249 – We’re Going To Chicago Baby

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Johnnice aka Johnny (VJ) and Janice podcast live form Janice’s balcony. We chat about our up coming trip to Chicago, ask for listener advice and invite you to join VJ and friends to NYC Pride this weekend.

Soundtrack: “Be Like Me” by Dani Arranka

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See you at NYC Pride and The 18th Annual NYC Drag March!
2011 Drag March_8x11_v1a_RGB_web

VJN43 My Pummelvision 2010 (NSFW)

Rated “M” for Mature. NSFW (Not Safe for Work). Video contains explicit nudity and super gay times.

Here are some of my photos from this past year. May the new year bring us closer together with memories full of gaiety.

Made at http://pummelvision.com – Visit VJnetcast at http://vjnetcast.tk

What Makes You Fab?

One reason I like fab.com is because I Love Keith Edwards. Check him out on the streets of New York during SantaCon. Asking what makes you fab?

Maybe if I’ve been really good this year Santa will wrap-up the adorable Keith Edwards and deliver him to the foot of my tree for Christmas. Anyway, fab is a fun gay social network for gay men and their friends. Let’s share the gift of being fab friends! Add me on fab.com :D

fab was created by gay guys who wanted a better way to share and discover great places to go, things to do, and people to meet. We wanted to create a network for gay men that wasn’t just about hookups… read more

New Pixel Boxes

VJnetcast has been remade a new! To mark this occasion I hope you enjoy this complimentary Special, Official VJnetcast Edition Wallpaper. While you’re here, take a look around and hang out for a while. Let me know what do you think of the new pixel boxes. xoxo, VJnet p[-_-]q

VJnetcast_Wallpaper026_Pixelstripes, originally uploaded by VJnet.

P.S. I dropped my podcasting service with Hipcast and moved on over to MeVIO. I always had issues with the way Hipcast strips and transcodes it’s files… In short with MeVIO I can send you the original MP3 with album art and meta data! Don’t miss the next episode! Coming soon… Make sure you’re subscribed :)
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Is Facebook The New Blog?

Sometimes I feel like I blog more (because it’s so easy to) on my Facebook page then I do on my own blog… What’s up with that? Is Facebook the new blog? Anyway, Twitter don’t count. Okay. I’m off to the Jayscape co-ed softball game where they’re trying to recruit me to play… lol

P.S. HOLLA to David b for hooking me up with a Flickr Pro! :D

Flickr Fridays | Esto es un perro (This is a dog)

Esto es un perro, originally uploaded by Sefarad.

AP | 03-09-2010

Hay gente para todo. Los dueños de este perro han decidido teñirle y cortarle el pelo a lo oso panda. No contentos con eso, han decidido exhibir al can en una exposición de mascotas que se celebra en Shangai. ~ Sefarad

According to my Mac’s translator (Spanish to English) widget:

There is people for everything. The owners of this dog have decided to dye and to cut the hair to him to the bulging panda bear. Noncontentments with that, have decided to exhibit to the dog in a exhibition of mascots that is celebrated in Shanghai.

Flickr Fridays | Выставка Полароид Нью-Йорк (Exhibition Of Polaroid)

, originally uploaded by kargaltsev.

Фотограф и режиссер, выпускник ВГИКа, лауреат многочисленных национальных и международных кинофестивалей, стипендиат Нью-Йоркской киноакадемии Александр Каргальцев. Выставка Полароид Нью-Йорк. Работами этого уникального художника по праву гордится музей Гуггенхайма. Выставка Поларойд Нью-Йорк уникальна вдвойне, так как оригинальные кассеты рухнувшей империи уходят в прошлое на наших глазах, проект посвященный крупнейшему мегаполису – последний вздох эстетики Полароида. ~ Sasha Kargaltsev

According to my MacBook Pro’s translator (Russian to English) widget:

Photographer and director, the graduate of the VGIK, the laureate of multiple national and international film festivals, the grant-aided student of New York film academy Alexander Kargaltsev. Exhibition Of Polaroid. Of the work of this unique artist rightfully is proud the Guggenheim Museum. The exhibition of polaroid, since the original cassettes of the collapsed empire depart to the past before our eyes, project dedicated to the largest megapolis – the last sigh of the aesthetics of polaroid ~ Sasha Kargaltsev

VJN41 A 4th of July Weekend | VJnet.org

On a 4th of July weekend we went camping at an all-gay campgrounds known as The Woods (TheWoodsCampground.com) and visited Hersheypark on the Independence day holiday.

The Shallows by Goddamn Electric Bill www.goddamnelectricbill.com


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