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At the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival in Hartford, CT. Thanks to Trinity College for hosting the event and thanks to Nomadic Wax for providing me with the music. TrinityHipHop.org | NomadicWax.com

C Ya BodyShot Bonus
Fany & Nasty By Jaro Cossiga

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VJnetcast#243 – Message In A Podcast

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I talk about HBO's new show "How To Make It In America", going out to a bar, Empire of the Incas, last night, Lady Gaga, Census job, Trinity International Hip-hop Festival and there are new podcast feeds.

I Need A Dollar (How To Make It In America) by Aloe Blacc – Download Mixtape HERE
Trinity Hip-Hop Festival Mixtape by DJ Boo – Download it HERE | TrinityHipHop.org

Check out my friend (adamsRibs.us) and I in the promo below.

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Fourth Annual Trinity Hip-Hop Festival


Education Meets Hip-Hop in Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival

Rising star will headline biggest international hip-hop festival in U.S.

Hartford, Conn., Mar. 4, 2009 – Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. announces the fourth annual Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival, the first and largest international hip-hop festival in the United States, on April 3rd and 4th, 2009.

This year, the popular festival is headlined by K’naan, the fastest rising star in international hip-hop. The Somali emcee spent the last two years touring the world with Damian and Stephen Marley. K’naan’s vividly spoken images of war-torn Somalia and his fierce criticism of American gangster rap has garnered him appearances on BET, MTV, the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and collaborations with Mos Def and M1 of dead prez. With two independently released albums under his belt, K’naan signed with A&M/Octone in 2008 and released the popular album Troubadour in February 2009.

An accomplished group of international performers and academia will support K’naan and participate with attendees though workshops, panel discussions and films throughout the festival.

The Spread the Word Tour has added Trinity Hip-Hop Festival to their schedule, which includes performances by two leading protest bands from Zimbabwe, Comrade Fatso & Chabvondoka and Outspoken and The Essence.  The foremost political activist musical group in Southern Africa, and specifically in Zimbabwe, gives the festival attendees extremely rare access to youth activists that live and work on the ground in Zimbabwe. Comrade Fatso blogs for CNN.com about politics and conditions in Zimbabwe

(http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/africa/05/14/zimbabwe.blog/index.html).  The Mugabe regime has banned their albums from Zimbabwe.

A panel discussion entitled Stereotypes in Hip Hop features Trinity College professors Gail Woldu, author of The Words and Music of Ice Cube, and Emily Musil, Coordinator of African Studies and Co-Chair of the President’s Colloquia “Hip Hop: Roots, Race, Rights.”  Stanford’s Angela Steele will present her Fulbright research, Rap in China – In Search of a Hip Hop Hero. Steele spent a year in China immersed in the emerging hip hop scene and looking for the leaders who will form hip hop culture in the world’s most populated country.

New York’s Hired Gun and Washington, D.C.’s Princess of Controversy will be hosting two nights of performances featuring K’naan, Poetic Pilgrimage (UK), Mohammed Yahya (UK), BeatburgerBand (Czech Republic), African Underground All-Stars (Senegal) and Game Rebellion (Brooklyn, New York). Dj Craig G of Hartford’s Hot 93.7 hosts the afterparty on Friday night, and DJ Boo of the Juggaknots hosts the Saturday night afterparty.

The Trinity festival will screen one of 2008’s biggest hip-hop films, Planet B-Boy, a look at five international break dancing crews as they prepare for the world dance championship Battle of the Year in Germany. For the second consecutive year, the festival also will hold a 2-on-2 b-boy battle with a $500 grand prize. This year there will be several new workshops including a beatboxing workshop with Czech Republic’s world champion beatboxers, BeatBurgerBand, and a freestyle rhyming workshop with New York emcee Hired Gun. Graffiti artists will be painting murals all day as a backdrop for the workshops and b-boy battle.

The festival will also include a screening of Fangafrika, an African Francophone documentary set during a hip-hop festival in Burkina Faso that gathered a who’s who of African hip-hop addressing the serious issues facing Africans everywhere. The films directors will be on hand for a discussion of activism and education in West African hip-hop. Poetic Pilgrimage, a female Muslim duo from London, will host a discussion about Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East.

“No one is here to make money. They truly believe they can change the world with hip hop”
~ The Trinity Hip Hop Crew

Trinity Hip-Hop _Power To The Pussaye, originally uploaded by VJnet.

Festival Sponsors include Trinity College, Nomadic Wax, The Temple of Hip-Hop (Trinity College Chapter), World Hip Hop Market, and the Greater Hartford Arts Council. Pre-registration is required, and will take place at Gallows Hill next to the Austin Arts Center on the campus of Trinity College.

This event is free and open to the public.  For more details, directions, and schedule information, visit http://trinityhiphop.org.  For more on the headliner, K’Naan, visit, www.myspace.com/knaanmusic. For questions, contact Zee Santiago at zee.santiago@gmail.com or 917-637-9004, or Greg Schick at greg@worldhiphopmarket.com or 404-797-9234.

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VJnetcast#170 – V-Wedded 2 G6 & My Virtual 773-BF

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In this track I announce the Virtual Engagement of Girl600.com and VJnet and the open relationship of VJnet and Brad of 773podcast.com And listener messages and a part of my experience at the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival.

My virtual finance, Girl600 | Girl600.comAfricanAmericanPodcast.comPinkRifle.com

Tim Corrimal | GoRaninbowRadio.com
Micheal Jackson’s Got The Hots – music provided by | www.planeturban.com.au
La Bruja (Puerto Rico) | LaBrujaMusic.com
Seal – Waiting For You
Self-Suffice | TrinityHipHop.org

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April 4, 5, and 6, 2008 Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival

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I’ll be at The 3rd Annual Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival with my girlfriends and homeboys this Friday and Saturday night. I’ve been to every year, since the roots of the festival. It is hosted at Trinity College and I’ve always found myself having a blast, informed and challenged by the issues that Hip-Hop brings to light.

The festival is free and open to the public. So if you can make it, hope to see ya there! BustB!G :D

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