Pride48 2012 Goes LIVE on September 14th-16th

Pride48 Screen shot 2012

A 48-hour live podcasting event. September 14-16, 2012

Pride 48 is a fun community of LGBT and LGBT-friendly podcasters and the people who love those podcasts. The event will be streaming live for 48-hours from viva Las Vegas and countries around the world. Join in on the gay!


The NYC Drag March 2012

Pull Out Your Marching Shoes! The 19th annual NYC Drag March is on Friday June 22, 2012.

You’re invited! Join the event:

Feel free to download, print, post and spread the word. Happy Pride! Straight Talk on Gay Marriage (NSFW)

Warning: The F-bomb is dropped on H8. Check out FUCKH8.COM. $5 bucks from each shirt sold goes to groups that support everybody’s right to marry who they love.

VJnetcast#247 – Pride 48 Live and Uncut

MP3 File

This track was recorded in front of live internet audience on Saturday, June 26th, 2010 for the marathon of 48 hours of continuous live streaming podcasters for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, q… Pride weekend. With and podcasts along with special guests… | 347-68-VJNET [347-688-5638] | vjnetcast[at] | A BustB!G and Live Your Dreams Production | Part of the AirStream Podcasting Network

Brian G, Tim, David b and I getting ready to stream live from the New York studio.
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The 2nd Annual Pride 48 Event

48 hours of LGBTQ podcasters continuously stream live Friday, June 25th-27th.

I’ll be broadcasting LIVE on from the New York studio Saturday, June 26th 1pm.

Come listen and chat with me, The Tim Corrimal Show and TheOccasionalFag Podcast as we go on a three hour tour de gay-cruise from New York City. And check out all the other fabulous podcasters who are participating this year!

“Pride 48 is a free resource for any GLBT or GLBT-friendly content producer. We allow independent producers to connect to our server and stream live shows for their listeners. Additionally, when live content is not being streamed we play GLBT-friendly content and music from independent artists. The station is supported by a combination of listener donations and volunteer work from the community. >During June of each year, we produce 48 hours of live-streaming shows during Pride weekend. This year, that event will take place on June 25th-27th…

…The idea for Pride 48 originated in 2009 from two GLBT podcasters who were both toying with the idea of live-streaming their shows. Adam from “The Adam and Matty Show” and Daniel from “Dubious Intent” decided to both use the same streaming server for their shows. As they both produced weekly shows, the server sat idle for the majority of the time. A late-night conversation about how to make more use of the server led to the idea of streaming for 48 hours during June (Pride weekend).” –

PTOWN DIARIES (Online) – A Film By Joseph Mantegna

I was online and recently watched the Ptown Diaries, a new documentary by Joseph Mantegna. The documentary is about the rich history and diverse people of Provincetown. Narrated by Alan Cumming, I found that I fell even more in love with this small, yet hugely, progressive town where the footsteps of America’s freedom were first planted.

Watch the full film on Get the DVD with bonus footage and the 90 minute director’s cut at

VJnetcast#238 – Pride 48 Live

The first hour of the live shows that I did with, and special guests.

Radio LCF

VJoicebox: 206-495-6555

MP3 File

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Pride 48 (by VJnet)

It’s Still Just a Drag March (You May Applaud)

Drag March NYC 062609 415 (by VJnet)
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