Vimeo Birthday Messages

Over a year or so ago we were sending sending our friend Carl, “Hi Carl” Vimeo messages. He moved to NYC to live his dreams :) My how time flies by and we’ve done and changed so much… Yet stayed the same…


VJnetcast#121 – It Will Be A New Holiday

When we all have equality. Hope you have a Happy 4th of July of Independence. This track is a little catch-up of the present and the past to gear us to the future and stuff.

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No SubordinationI Will Follow – Live @ Don Hill’s

Ronnie (Happy Birthday!)
Tim & Alden

Radio LCF
Karaoke from the ChezEst
No Subordination – I Will Follow
Mario Ajero – Canon in D Major
Podsafe Music Network

VJnetrack#7 – Pride Independence – Tim & Alden’s Civil Union Celebration

Ronnie’s B-Day Get Together photo set

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VJnetcast#108 – We are only healthy to the extent

“We are only healthy to the extent that our ideas are humane.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut

“Here in America” by Ronani
Music by Radio LCF

MikeyPod’s podcast about Kurt Vonnegut

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From Ronani, A Friend, An Artist, A Poet, A Teacher,..

And much, much more…

“Hey Everyone,

In the wake of America’s worst ever campus shooting many of us are in shock and feeling pessimistic about the fate of our communities and educational institutions if violence continues to escalate as it has in the past. We’re wringing our hands and shouting at TV screens and PC monitors wondering, “Is this ever going to stop? Are we ever going to clear past this violence and live together in a reasonable measure of peace?”

Please consider taking action to counter the effects of this bloodbath. Nothing is better for the soul than to act to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again.

The Peace Alliance ( is a popular grass roots movement working to establish a U.S. Department of Peace. Many college campuses all over America have student chapters working to address issues of school violence.

Click on this link for a brief video introduction to the DoP and then read on for more information–

A Department of Peace will work to:

— Provide much-needed assistance to efforts by city, county, and state governments in coordinating existing programs; as well as develop new programs based on best practices nationally

— Teach violence prevention and mediation to America’s school children

— Effectively treat and dismantle gang psychology

— Rehabilitate the prison population

— Build peace-making efforts among conflicting cultures both here and abroad

— Support our military with complementary approaches to peace-building.

— Create and administer a U.S. Peace Academy, acting as a sister organization to the U.S. Military Academy.

— And more

For more information about citizen action (i.e., financial donations, writing your congressman, signing petitions…) please go to

To write a letter to your local politicians

To donate money

To get involved and act locally

We can do more than just grumble about our social problems. We can toil together to bring about positive changes.

If you’re moved to do so, please forward this on to other outraged and concerned friends.


‘We are only healthy to the extent that our ideas are humane.’
Kurt Vonnegut”

VJnetcast#85 – Happy History dot dot dot

It is Black History Month “here in america”.

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VJnetrack#32 – Trinity Part 1
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The State of the Black Union on C-Span:
Rev. Jesse Jackson
Stephanie Robinson
Kathy Hughs
Eddie Glaude
Rev. Al Sharpton
Rep. Keith Ellison
Tim Reid
Daphine Maxwell Reid
Judge Glenda Hatchett

Ronnie Desrosiers aka ronani – “here in america”

VJnetrack#39 – The Nipple Effect

VJnetrack#39 – The Nipple Effect by Ronnie Desrosiers aka Ronani. One of my favorite sober, Italian, vegetarian, granola crunching, tree hugging, lesbians. lol.

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VJnetrack#24 – PhotoShop Class

VJnetrack#24 – PhotoShop Class. Ronnie and I hanging out at our Photoshop class and stuff.

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Cover designed by my favorite, lesbian friend Ronnie

Ronnie’s Post (Me Being Whoopi In Ghost)

My friend Ronnie has a blog, but since that lesbian is on summer vacation from teaching and doesn’t have the net at home. Ronnie asked me to blog a few things for him.

1st: Ronnie recommends this book that he says actually works even though at first it sounded too uncomplicated and cheesy. And Ronnie is not one to recomend books that much (unless it’s comic books.)

The book is called Make Up, Don’t Break Up: Finding and Keeping Love for Singles and Couples. It’s basically about how people are either distancers or chasers and about how they can learn to communicate better.

2nd: Ronnie found his first grey hair on his head and freaked out. And pulled that shit out. I was telling him that I’ve had white hairs ever since I was in high school so it doesn’t bother me.

Anyway Ronnie has a blog but he said he doesn’t know what to blog about. At first he had some of his poetry on it and then took it off and now it’s about veggie food. I just told him he could put whatever he wants on it. It doesn’t have to be about one thing. And he was like “Yeah, it’s his blog who gives a fuck what other’s think.” But like a said he doesn’t have the internet right now.

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