VJnetcast#247 – Pride 48 Live and Uncut

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This track was recorded in front of live internet audience on Saturday, June 26th, 2010 for the Pride48.com marathon of 48 hours of continuous live streaming podcasters for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, q… Pride weekend. With TimCorrimal.com and TheOccasionalFag.com podcasts along with special guests…

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Brian G, Tim, David b and I getting ready to stream live from the New York studio.
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My Firefox, My Foxy Style

I just updated my Firefox web browser to version 3.6. One new extension that I’m using is the Personas add-on. Firefox Personas is a new way to customize the look of your browser. It’s like placing a personalized skin on your Firefox without changing the theme (buttons and menus) that you already have installed.

Click out the VJnet inspired Amoeba Persona by gidgetorama.
Or copy and paste to wear it: http://www.getpersonas.com/en-US/persona/12806

To see how foxy my Firefox looks in Amoeba click HERE.

While in the Personas changing room I quickly tried on different Personas. I like and favorited the modern clean ones, a couple Mac/Apple Personas and the ones that appeared light with a splash of color. I’m not a fan of the dark Personas or the ones that make it too, hard to read your tabs and buttons. After changing outfit after outfit on my Firefox I found a Persona that caught my eye… It looked very familiar and reminded me of something I had made. In fact it was something I had made. The image used was from my “From Seat15” wallpaper design that I posted on my flickr. Needless to say, I was surprised and flattered. But it might of been nicer if gidgetorama, the person who designed the Amoeba Persona, gave me attribution for it according to the creative commons license or at least told me about it. Anyway, I guess it just means he or she really likes it.

“What’s the difference between a Firefox theme and Personas for Firefox?

Themes change the appearance of Firefox. A Persona is a special type of theme that changes the look of your browser without changing the navigation buttons, toolbars, and menus. Until now, to apply a theme you needed to install it and restart your browser, like with extensions and other add-ons.

Now, with Personas you can instantly preview a design and install it in one click without needing to restart. All original themes are still available through addons.mozilla.org. Click here to learn more about using Themes and Personas.”

Keep a look out for Firefox Personas by VJnet… Coming soon…

Get Personas: www.getpersonas.com
Get Firefox: www.mozilla.com/firefox

P.S. Speaking of cool add-ons for Firefox. Check out Cooliris by The Cooliris Team. It’s a super fast “3D wall” add-on to view photos and videos online and from your desktop.

Get Cooliris: www.cooliris.com

VJnetcast#205 – Internet+Anonymity=Idiot

Radio LCF and VJ rantcast about Windows Vista, our latest projects, internet video sites, web browsers, Facebook, movies and more. Stay tuned through the end for audio from the Join The Impact equal rights rally | Fight the H8 protest in Hartford, CT.

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iCan Do The Things That iWant

I recently am in the middle of switching my internet service from Earthink DSL to combine my AT&T landline with it’s internet service package. It sounded like a good deal and I was saving $30 a month by doing it.

Unfortunately the dumb ass service person screwed it all up. He told me that I would receive the installation package software on last Monday and that my new internet service would be ready on Wednesday…

Monday passes:.. No new modem or installation package arrives.
Tuesday: I loose my internet connection
Wednesday: On the phone for 3 hours and was transfered to 3 different departments to figure out what the hell was happened.
1) The sales person never mailed out the installation software.
2) He was wrong when he told me that I could use my current modem and phone filters from Earthlink.
3) Now I have to wait till next Monday for all that shit to arrive.

Luckily one of my neighbors is letting me use their linksys;) but I don’t want to use it, too much. So no photo, audio and video uploading till I get my own connection. I spent most of Thursday all teary eyed over watching net-videos on the horrid things that are going on to the people of Burma and watching the riots and killings of over 30 Buddhists Monks who protested the Chinese government to free Tibet.

How we take things for granted until we loose it ourselves. Anyway, not having a full net connection gives me time to finish and start to doing other things.

On another note, I’m digging the new Weezer song “Pork and Beans.” The video is so full of YouTube celebs, it’s funny. Like it or not. The internet is opening up new avenues of media and social networks for anyone to express themselves and be heard. Some might think that some internet celebs whom some say have no talent, don’t have anything important to say and don’t deserve the attention of the opportunities that have opened up to them. Well, I say who cares! You have the freedom of speech. Try living in Tibet or Burma and see what happens when you express your views. Oh, wait! Their governments don’t let them have internet access.

Shorty I could take you there…

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Poor Comments
Poor Comments, originally uploaded by VJnet.

I was in the vloggers ghetto, Survivor and Big Brother forums, on the net in general where homophobic haters are flat out there to see… anomalously of course… Remember your Black History. And don’t forget the haters hiding behind white hoods.

Baby girl I know it’s rough but come wit me
We can take a trip to the hood
It’s no problem girl it’s my city
I could take you there
Little kid wit guns only 15
Roamin’ the streets up to no good
When gun shots just watch us, run quickly
I could show you where

As long you’re wit me
Baby you’ll be alright
I’m known in the ghetto
Girl just stay by my side
Or we can leave the slums go to paradise
Babe it’s up to you,
It’s whatever you like

We can go to the tropics
Sip piña coladas
Shorty I could take you there
Or we can go to the slums
Where killas get hung
Shorty I could take you there
You know I could take ya (I could take ya…)
I could take ya (I could take ya…)
Shorty I could take you there
You know I could take ya (I could take ya…)
I could take ya (I could take ya…)
Shorty I could take you there

~ Sean Kingston – Take You There

Four Eyed Monsters: Entire Film extended through Aug. 15th

You Can Save The Net

By Four Eyed Monsters

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