This Heart’s for You!

Happy Valentine's Day Friend! by VJnet
Happy Valentine’s Day Friend!, a photo by VJnet on Flickr.

Have a lovely V day!

xoxo, VJ


VJN43 My Pummelvision 2010 (NSFW)

Rated “M” for Mature. NSFW (Not Safe for Work). Video contains explicit nudity and super gay times.

Here are some of my photos from this past year. May the new year bring us closer together with memories full of gaiety.

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video killed the flickr star?

killed, originally uploaded by firsttoseeme.

contFLICKRoversy -_- photos vs. videos on flickr. There is already a group against videos on flickr and groups for video I joined the group 90 seconds. The flickr group is named so because for now 90 seconds is the max length a video can be on flickr.

Where do you stand(still or move) on this?

Mourning Flickr Frost

My Flickr is offline due to upgrades :( I could use a good a message myself ;) Anyway…

All I want to do is upload three photos that I took this morning of the frost on my windshield. Here is one of them:

Smaller Than Your Average

Originally uploaded by VJnet.

My Moo MiniCards arrived in the post! I purchased a 100 pack of the flickr minicards with my netcast info printed on the back of them. Each individual card is different! Featuring 100 of my own favorite photos :D

In the above photo you can see the comparison of an average sized business card (from my local comic book shop) vs. the Moo MiniCard. Good things come in small packages. hehehe… Aren’t they cute?

Flock to Flickr

Flock is a whole new web browser. It comes with built-in Flickr uploading and lot of extra Flickr features built right in. (Runs on Windows, Mac OSX & Linux.) You can drag-and-drop photo comments in blogs and sites like MySpace. Keep track of Flickr and Photobucket buddies in the browser without having to go to the sites. It also looks like a cool tool for bloggers… On a site that you want to blog about. Just use the “snippet feature” Highlight text and images and drag it into the snippit section and you can compose a post and publish it right from flock to your blog.

My favorite feature is that now, I can upload a large batch of photos to my Flickr! I always had problems with other uploading tools for Flickr. They would always have an error thing pop-up. I tested Flock out and it actually works. The photos made it to Flickr in one piece and it was easy to add tags, descriptions, titles and create a new photo set before the upload. I’m lovin’ it!

Installing Flock is super easy. I use Firefox as my main browser and with a a couple clicks Flock imported all of my favorites/bookmarks, passwords, browser setting and other stuff with ease. So far I’m liking Flock. It is so new that there aren’t any Themes made for it yet to change the skins, but the default theme is modern and sleek enough for now. I just wish it had an automatic spell-check (that underlines misspelled words) like Firefox 2 does.

Hola Ryan

sleeping somewhere else by Ryan Luikens
devo by Ryan Luikens
Ryan Luikens is one of my Flickr contacts from Peru, who has resumed his daily sketchblog ( :) He asked me to spread the word about it. And I am more than happy to. I think he’s quite talented, clever and thoughtful with his sketches. Ryan also has a great eye for photography. So check out Ryan’s blog and flickr photos, too! ( :-)

dude on plaza de armas
Originally uploaded by ryanluikens.

One of My Favorite Flickr Photographers…

…Is Andy Houghton aka Andy02. He’s from the United Kingdom and creates amazingly provocative, artistic images that make me go WOW!

Self Portrait
Originally uploaded by Andy02.

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