VJnetcast#216 – 12 Days of 09

Day 09: On the 9th day of Christmas Brad gave to me, 73 Podcast – # 78 – Handkerchiefs, Combs and Watches


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VJnetcast#170 – V-Wedded 2 G6 & My Virtual 773-BF

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In this track I announce the Virtual Engagement of Girl600.com and VJnet and the open relationship of VJnet and Brad of 773podcast.com And listener messages and a part of my experience at the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival.

My virtual finance, Girl600 | Girl600.comAfricanAmericanPodcast.comPinkRifle.com

Tim Corrimal | GoRaninbowRadio.com
Micheal Jackson’s Got The Hots – music provided by | www.planeturban.com.au
La Bruja (Puerto Rico) | LaBrujaMusic.com
Seal – Waiting For You
Self-Suffice | TrinityHipHop.org

Honorable mentions can be found in the Links section or just Google it ;)

Click OUT Mr. Jimmy Chen’s site –> Confessions of a Gay Asian

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Who Can Donate?

What is the current definition of “donate”?


Main Entry: do·nate
Listen to the pronunciation of donate
\ˈdō-ˌnāt, dō-ˈ\
Inflected Form(s):
do·nat·ed; do·nat·ing
back-formation from donation
transitive verb1: to make a gift of; especially : to contribute to a public or charitable cause2: to transfer (as electrons) to another atom or moleculeintransitive verb: to make a donation

synonyms see give

~ Merriam-Webster.com

By some laws here and there, certain people are not permitted to donate their blood.

(ww65) Our Blood Bank, the vitality of us from VJnet on Vimeo.

Spreading the message from Brad and his vlog willingwarrior.com Thanks and congratulations for watching and THANKS to whosoever is doing something. Also a BIG thanks to Brad and Sam for giving me permission to post it on my netsites :P


Gay Zombie!

The Logo channel finally has a player on their site that is Mac compatible. I was watching some Noah’s Arc and then moved on to The Click List: Best In Short Film. And to my surprise I saw a short film called Gay Zombie (you can view the 20 minute film on Logo), staring Brad from the Willing Warrior vlog/podcast! Brad did a great job acting in it. The film was written and directed by the award winning Michael Simon who is know for his work on gay feature films. Gay Zombie is a hilariously, tragic love story that takes place in West Hollywood between Todd (played by Ryan Carlberg) of the living and Miles the zombie (played by Brad Bilanin).


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