Steve Jobs 19552011

A legend that leaves us with a legacy. To the man that changed the world. Rest in peace. Steve Jobs 19552011

BustB!G and live your dreams,


R.I.P. 2010, Johnny5 and

My PowerMac G5 Dual 2.7GHz, also known as Johnny5, that I got back in 2005 suffered a coolant leak and has passed away. This has been a known issue with this model. Yesterday the Apple Genius at the Apple Store said that Apple considers the machine “Vintage” aka “Obsolete” and will not perform any repairs on it. They aren’t even able to open and handle the computer because it’s considered toxic. I asked if they could remove the coolant system or despose of the part and and they still refused.

The fumes from Johnny5’s shell has been setting off my carbon-monoxide detector. It’s a bit disturbing so I put Johnny5 in another place until I can send it off to be recycled. Luckily the data on the hard drive is fine. I plan on getting this docking station so I can still use it to store files.

December 10, 2005 – December 30, 2010

Johnny5 loved making new friends, playing music, surfing the net, playing with pixels and podcasting. The PowerMac G5 is survived by it’s Apple Cinema 23″ HD Display, the original iSite, the 5th generation 60GB video iPod and the adorable iMac G4 (17-inch Flat Panel) and Johnny6 aka the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
Another death and birth in the VJnetcast family is that of the and domane names. 2010 has been a year of financial struggle and the re-newing of site registation was not in the budget. Unfortunately we have lost the ownership of The boys from were kind enough to e-mail me a screenshot of how now “helps you get hard!” Check it out below. lol

If things aren’t hard enough and you like ’em easy, now you can visit me at the new (because it cost money to have a .com) or use if you like ’em long.

From these endings on the last day of the year 2010. May your 2011 be filled with new beginnings, joy and prosperity. Have a Happy New Year! BustB!G Live Dream!


Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard

Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard is an upgrade from Apple‘s Leopard operating system. Back when I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard I was so impressed with it. Needless to say, I already added the new snow upgrade to my Wish List ;) Below are a few of the key features.

Mac vs Pc: Snow Leopard Part 1

Mac vs Pc: Snow Leopard Part 2

Mac vs PC: Snow Leopard part 3

VJnetcast#v227 – Rendered Little Boxes

iTunes has a new visualizer! I still luv the classic visualizer, though.

Radio LCF

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The Horror: A MacHalloween Tale

The Horror 1: I Have A Horrid Halloween Tale…
I Have A Horrid Halloween Tale...
That happened on the night of Friday 31st, the month of October in the year two-thousand and eight. A night known as Halloween.

The Horror 2: Ooo I Hear A Strange Noise…
Ooo I Hear A Strange Noise...
Boos and ghouls kept tap, tap, tapping at my door. I open the door. Screams of trick or treat are thrown at me. I toss bars of chocolate covered peanuts, nougat and caramel at them. Snickers are the best treats in the world to make little masked creatures vanish.

The Horror 3: No! Not The MacBook!
No! Not The MacBook!
I bid the visitors a scary night. Grab my MacBook Pro (aka Johnny 6) from the dining room table. Looking at new e-mail on the screen. I walk into the the living room. Collide into the couch. MacBook flies out of arm and hand. No! Not The MacBook!

The Horror 4: The Reach
The Reach
I reach to see if it is okay…

The Horror 5: The Second Collision
The Second Collision
I push up from the floor with side of head slamming into the underside of coffee table to have a second collision. Glasses flail.

The Horror 6: THE END
I return to the floor with Johnny 6 laying by my side. THE END

Okay, It wasn’t that horrid but it was scary for me at the time. hehehe

The B!G Apple

While Radio LCF is taking trips to the new Apple Store in Sydney,.. I’m on my way to the Big Apple :P More to come sooner than later…

Meet LeRoy

Meet LeRoy

Mom rescued LeRoy from China and gave him to me for my Birthday, back on Ground Hog’s Day, but I wasn’t able to get him till this past Mother’s Day when my brother, Vern and I took her out to dinner for Mom’s Day.

My bro was supposed to deliver Mom’s B-Day gifts to me when he came over to visit while he was in town refereeing a wresting match a few months ago, but he forgot. Anyway, LeRoy is having fun with Tigger and my Leopard Mac‘s :D I think Tigger is all bouncy excited to have a new kitten to play with. hehehe.

VJnetcast#161 – Mac Pro Couplling

Radio LCF and i catch-up on our Abb-Fab and new Macs. And talk nerdie. News from Australia and CT and NYC and our lives and stuff… There is also Valentine’s Day and Birthday cards and gifts and stuff… :D

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Some Abb-Feb Gifts :D

From Matty in Texas :)

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