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Small Print -_^

Media provided by VJnet are created for my own entertainment, and as an expression of my art. All names, trademarks and sources are retained by the original copyright holders. If you are a representative and/or the artist and like what I have done, contact me at vjnetcast[at]gmail.com (replace “[at]” with “@”) and offer me some of your work! If you are a representative of either the artist or the publishing company and would like the media removed, please contact me directly at vjnetcast[at]gmail.com and I will happily take the media offline. VJnet has no affiliation with any of the mentioned companies. Copyrighted works created by VJnet may not be reproduced without expressed permission. Other usages are strictly prohibited. Hordes of Fluffy Evil Cats in Heat will pounce off to seal your fate of impending doom if you fail to comply. However the Fluffy Evil Cats in Heat are property of VJnet and must be returned after your certain doom takes place. Thank you for your cooperation.

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