VJnetcast#205 – Internet+Anonymity=Idiot

Radio LCF and VJ rantcast about Windows Vista, our latest projects, internet video sites, web browsers, Facebook, movies and more. Stay tuned through the end for audio from the Join The Impact equal rights rally | Fight the H8 protest in Hartford, CT.

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Spammers Are Bum-Asses


  1. A tramp; a vagrant.
  2. A lazy or shiftless person, especially one who seeks to live solely by the support of others.
  3. An incompetent, insignificant, or obnoxious person: The batter called the pitcher a bum.
  4. One who is devoted to a particular activity or milieu: a beach bum.

v. bummed, bum·ming, bums
v. intr.

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  2. To loaf.

v. tr.

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  2. Slang. To depress, dishearten, or dismay. Often used with out.


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on the bum

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I get home from work. Un-check the podcasts on my iTunes that I listened to on my iPod today. Update my podcasts. Plug in my iPod to my Mac. Go to the bathroom. Make some bowel movements and send them to the Atlantic Ocean. Then I rewind tape and/or insert disk and press play. Crack open a beer. And then I check my e-mail. I go through my personal e-mail account. Then I check out my public e-mail account and have a ton of spam.

I turned off the spam filter to it because I want to get e-mail from potential cool peeps for friends. But the spam is so annoying! I don’t want to give them any ideas, but it is so easy to spot the spam. Anything in the subject line with Re: Re: or Fw: Fw: followed by a title that doesn’t make any scenes is spam or a chain letter. When I see the signs I mark them as spam and bounce back to sender… I tend to do this even if there is no subject, too. I’m still in the middle of filtering out the spam, but took a break to vent here.

There should be a law against spam, similar to the law that recently passed a few years ago to make it illegal for tellemarketers to call you if you are registered to the National Do Not Call Registry. After I registered, the tellemarketers stopped calling and the few that do… I tell them them that I’m on it and to update there shit.

I feel that spammers are like the homeless bums of the www. When a bum asks me for money while I’m walking down the street, I say: “God bless you.” very nicely and walk away.

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