The random procrastination of a gaysian American and Connecticut’s first queercaster.

*VJnet and *VJnetcast are Rated “M” for a Mature audience.
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“Description – noun 1. a statement, picture in words, or account that describes; descriptive representation. 2. the act or method of describing. 3. sort; kind; variety: dogs of every description. 4. Geometry. the act or process of describing a figure.

[Origin: 1300–50; ME descripcioun < L déscrīptiōn- (s. of déscrīptiō), equiv. to déscrīpt(us) (ptp. of déscrībere to describe) + -iōn- -ion]
3. species; nature, character, condition; ilk.” ~

VJnetcast hosts the first and No. 1 queer podcaster coming to you from Connecticut! A multimedia personal blog with two+ podcasts in one feed! VJnet from the United States and Radio LCF from Australia *now has evolved to VJnetcast p[-_-]q and VJnetcast | video. Both podcasts can be downloaded worldwide via iTunes.

VJ is your first generation Vietnamese, gayAsian American, netcasting, photo snapping addict that uploads steams of ideas and discoveries as things happen. He rambles on about his life experiences and keeps you up to date with the people and things in it. VJ’s dyslexic so please let him know when he needs to spell-check. VJ’s also a Mac Apple, comic book loving kinda guy that’s just trying to discover what’s better for himself and the world on this journey we call life.

This is a :-Part of VJ on the net… BustB!G and live your dreams.

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