What Makes You Fab?

One reason I like fab.com is because I Love Keith Edwards. Check him out on the streets of New York during SantaCon. Asking what makes you fab?

Maybe if I’ve been really good this year Santa will wrap-up the adorable Keith Edwards and deliver him to the foot of my tree for Christmas. Anyway, fab is a fun gay social network for gay men and their friends. Let’s share the gift of being fab friends! Add me on fab.com :D

fab was created by gay guys who wanted a better way to share and discover great places to go, things to do, and people to meet. We wanted to create a network for gay men that wasn’t just about hookups… read more

2 Responses to What Makes You Fab?

  1. chrisdoodles says:

    That’s cool, I had a chance to meet Keith, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RiZBiqv7H4 I’m somewhere in the beginning of the vid. lol He was awesome and super nice. Hey, I just friended you on Fab! <3

  2. vjnet says:

    Thanks Chris, I added you on fab, too :)

    You’re such a lucky betch! It looked like you had a blast for a fab event.

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