Picture Ordinary Families

“Throughout its history, portraiture has been used to memorialize lineage and honor patriarchs and matriarchs. However, these depictions have focused almost exclusively on the heterosexual family unit. Photographer Alix Smith seeks to expand public perception by framing LGBT families into conventional portraits.” ~ InTheLifeTV.org

Watch Alix Smith: States of Union by itlmedia on YouTube

I’ve always appreciated the work of In The Life. Visit InTheLifeTV.org to watch documentary stories from the gay experience. Segments and full episodes of the show are free to download through the In The Life podcast.

It’s amazing what a few photos and moving images can do. Be visible. Be yourself. Be a face to the unknown. An ordinary thing like displaying a photo of you LGBT family can demystify fears and hatred. Be in the life and share them with the world. E-mail me a photo of your family (you with your partner, husband, wife, children, parents, pets, drag mother and/or whomever you consider family) to vjnetcast@gmail.com – I would love to add them to the Family Photo Album.

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