VJnetcast#189 – People Are People

A catch-up with the latest and stuff… Why the OccasionalFags are kryptonite. lol And why the Olympics have drained me, Wait a minute,.. did I talk about the Olympics?..

MP3 File

Radio LCF
David B from TheOccasionalFag.com
David BJ from ThatBlueJeansGuy.com
Amnesia Sparklels (amnesiasparkles.com) aka Adrian Acosta (AdrianlAcosta.com) and Sose (www.myspace.com/soce :) Soce, feat. Amnesia Sparkles Wins Radio Competition
Me-Saj and Jason from TheHalfShow.com
The Urban Talk Queen Girl600.com
Gay Leather Bear Cub www.glbcradio.co.cc

VJoicemail: 206-495-6555

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