VJnetcast#171 – 16 and Gone?

My response to the return of Eat This Hot Show with Madge Weinsein (yeastradio.com), Wanda Wisdom (lavendermagazine.com/wandawisdom) and Antie Vera Charles (veraspeaks.blogspot.com). E-mail from lovely listeners and Voicemail from myself and David b (theoccasionalfag.com) And the crap that is my life. And Click out Radio LCF’s band, Conceptual Alloy!

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Honorable mentions can be found in the Links section or just Google it ;)

William Sledd
Strangers in Wonderland – Addicted

VJnetcast#52 – It’s Just A Dream

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3 Responses to VJnetcast#171 – 16 and Gone?

  1. Strangers In Wonderland says:

    Thanks for playing us.
    Making two Swedes smile on a Sunday.

  2. VJnet says:

    Thanks for letting me play your wonderful music :)

  3. TheOccasionalFag says:

    lookie, I found wireless at the Ikea. Please, please come save me, I can only eat so many Swedish balls… um, I mean meat balls!

    David b

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