VJnetcast#164 – yOur Own Qpodcamp

Experiences of meeting and not hanging with podcasters in NYC while I was there and stuff.

MP3 File

Eric – Confessions of a Southern Boy in Yankeeland
Michael – MikeyPod
Peter and Pinoboy – Oh My Pod!
John Ong – Ongline Podcast
Mark – Remarkably Mark
Brian G, David b, Leon, and Mr. Who – TheOccasionalFag

Honorable mentions can be found in the Links section or just Google it ;)

Photos taken on Friday, February 29, 2008

Voicemail: 206-495-6555

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2 Responses to VJnetcast#164 – yOur Own Qpodcamp

  1. TheOccasionalFag says:

    I always feel so privileged when i get to have a little part of vj ; )

    Sorry you missed the play, totally my fault. I should have brought the keys with me to the office, and as i did not do that, I should have shooed you out of the apartment in stead of feeding you margaritas!

    Had a great time eating our way around Manhattan, lets do it again sometime !

    David b

  2. VJnet says:

    I feel privileged to be a part of your life :)

    No worries about the play. Tristin has apologized and things are cool, now.

    And it’s always a yummy, pleasure cutting bread with you :P

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