VJnetcast#160 – Drive Time in the Morning

RadioLCF# 1 – Drive Time in the Morning – recast

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“The 1st official podcast by LCF and Chop outside of VJnet’s MyChingo (VJ’s online voicemail). In this show LCF and Chop have a discussion about why people wear trousers down so low, international weather & news, MySpace, movies, shopping and much more. The phone# isn’t real. lol.”

~Original post of Radio LCF# 1 – Drive Time In The Morning

My external drive went crap and I lost a lot of music, podcasts and other stuff :( This is one of the tracks that was recoverable :) Radio LCF officially aired with this track on the VJnetcast Network/BustB!G, Inc. on Tuesday, November 14, 2006 :) LCF and Chop did pretty awesome for their 1st podcast :P

Radio LCF

Ministry of Sound Annual 2007 – Paris Hilton “Stars are blind”
Justin Timberlake – My Love
Sick Puppies – All The Same

All The Same

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