VJnetcast#152 – UNCUT at the Jaded City

An exclusive of the uncut track of JadedCity.com that I was on with Matty, Tristin and BigFatty from LittleFatty.com

Hope you all continue to celebrate the Holiday Season and my Birthday month in Fab-Feb!

Radio LCF
Tristin, Matty and Harry the Hamster
SlowMo Erotic (on MySpace and iTunes) – Enough, I Got Off, Go Home

MP3 File

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4 Responses to VJnetcast#152 – UNCUT at the Jaded City

  1. TheOccasionalFag says:

    and to think Tristin has the nerve to claim I”M the kryptonite of podcasting!!!

    David b

  2. VJnet says:

    Ha ha! It might be more like you are the Green Kryptonite that makes the Skype connection weak when you’re on someone else’s podcast. And I’m the Red Kryptonite that causes them to change and quit podcasting ;-) lol

  3. VJnet says:

    Ohh! I think I was also on http:theocasionalgag.com – http://girl600.com and http://remarkablymark.blogspot.com podcaststs.

    I talked to Tristin yesterday and now his site http://jadedcity.com if viewable because he had to blog something:)

  4. VJnet says:

    And Tristin also contributed to queer podcasting community by starting the gay podcasters Yahoo! group http://GayPodcasters.com

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