VJnetcast#149 – Oh Baby

Radio LCF and iChat about the wonderful people of the world that subscribe and stuff :D

MP3 File

Radio LCF
Confessions of a Southern Boy In YankeeLand
Beirut – Elephant Gun (-: Thanks Karen for letting me know about the band :-)

Severe Sydney Storm from LCF on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to VJnetcast#149 – Oh Baby

  1. The TrisCast says:

    hey long time no hear…i’m DL’ing your show, trying to catch up. hope to see you at some podcamp sooner or later :)

    raequel aka systris

    ps: i am working on another episode of the triscast…gonna take me some time though.

  2. VJnet says:

    Cool! You haven’t podcasted in a while. Are you still living in PA?

    Funny ’cause I’m planing to mention all the podcasters that are leaving it for a while and the ones that are starting up again. I’ll be sure to mention yours :)

    Hope all is better with the living situation and stuff :D

    All the best and Happy Holidays!

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