VJnetcast#141 – Somewhere Fall is Spring

iChat and catch-up with Radio LCF in Australia. We talked about Carl’s projects, scary movies, Secret Simon‘s podcast that you can find at AnimeNation.com and AnimeNation.libsyn.com

My iPod is broken! and how I asked Peter and Pinoyboy (www.ohmypod.net) for advice to fix it.

And why October is kinda depressing to me right now. I think we also mentioned listener/viewer comments and Vimeo.com

MP3 File

Rubber Chicken, Faldo The Fake Waldo, Hick Zombie, Punk-Goth Girl
Click Out the Hallow’s Past photo set,.. If you dare :=

Radio LCF


Honorable mentions can be found in the Links Section

And info on Carl’s stuff is blogged down there before.


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