VJnetcast#131 – An Aussie And Two gayAsians

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Radio LCF, Carl and I get together to chat. LCF lets us know what is new with him. He’s been working on his film’s script and how good ole Bush is in Sydney, Australia right now. Carl lets us know about his Gay Asian parties that are in NYC at the bar Nowhere and the play that he is in called Auntie Mayhem. That I’m going to see on September 13th. And how I’m going to the Gay Days at 6 Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park in NJ on Sept. 14th and other stuff :) And we end with (emo) text orgy sex. lol

Radio LCF
Girl600 and VJnet – Right to Love

Andy Melton
Girl600 and Gung Ho Gun Show

e-mail us if you are going to 6 Flags Great Adventure for A Gay Night Out or want to check Out Carl’s play. You can also listen to the podcast interview/sneak peak preview of the play Auntie Mayhem at the nytheatrecast and nytheatre.com. Info on Carl’s play and the Sunday Gay Asian Parties in NYC can be found in the blog posts below :-)


Honorable mentions can be found in the Links section

See Carl “Boom” on Flight of the Conchords.

Me Right Now – Essays and Short Films from LCF and Vimeo.


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