VJnetcast#129 – We Shouldn’t Have To Shout

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I talk about you and me. If I missed you, let me know :-)

Voices On This Track

Radio LCF
SlowMo Erotic (MySpace)- Me, Instead
??? – Man On The Moon
Ben-Double-M (found on MashUpTown.com) – Tears for fears vs Evanescence – Shout-Going under


New music is by SlowMo Erotic, Kevin Hardy and Matthew Hermstad, boyfriends of 3 years, who eat, sleep, and rehearse from their little house in Glendale, California. While Kevin is busy writing the quirky pop songs on his piano, Matt is perfecting the coinciding beats and grooves. Much like the Dresden Dolls, and Mates of State before them, SlowMo Erotic balances catchy choruses and edgy lyrics (Won’t you please stop fucking with me head? Won’t you please just fuck me instead?) with a musicianship that is unique. ~ JadedCity.com

Pierre and KineniTony and his bite marksOther honorable mentions can be found in the Links section



3 Responses to VJnetcast#129 – We Shouldn’t Have To Shout

  1. Matty says:

    Its the Conchords

  2. VJnet says:

    lol. It is Flight of the Conchords.

  3. Tim Corrimal says:

    Hey VJ. Great show. I was laughing when you kept saying “Timmy” at the beginning. Do you want the sound files. Email me and let me know.

    Tim Corrimal

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