VJnetcast#128 – Man On The Moon?

Who is the “Man On The Moon” sung by?

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Ragan Fox – Fox and the City
??? – Man On The Moon


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3 Responses to VJnetcast#128 – Man On The Moon?

  1. David b says:


    It was disappointing that some of the spectators at the Pride Parade were only interested in free stuff, and like you I was only giving the mardi-gras beads to people who were willingly taking the flyer as there wanted more info about the FAG BUG.

    On a side not we have also arranged to do a fundraiser with Aaron and the FAG BUG on November 14 here in NYC at Will Clarks Porno Bingo. And those awful Church Ladies for Choice are hosting a fundraiser for TheOccasionalFag’s favorite charity, Sylvia’s Place, a shelter and drop in center for homeless LGBT youth.


    David b

    p. s. I voted for Ragan Fox, funny how fame cast does not spam you but Ragan does.

  2. VJnet says:


    I still had a blast being in the parade, seeing the hot half naked men both in the parade and also the spectators :) I know that part of the Pride parade is about having fun. And there were plenty of people who actually would reach their hands out for the flyers wanting to know more about the fagbug.

    Loved meeting the Church Ladies for Choice! Sharon Flewitts and Harmonie Moore are so delightful ;)

    Ragan is always welcome to spam me. lol

  3. VJnet says:

    I found out who sings the “Man on the Moon” song! His name is Mario Spinetti Click him out myspace.com/mariospinetti .

    I just heard him do a cool interview on The Daily Purge podcast today. I wonder if I first got that song from the Purge or bumped into Mario’s MySpace?..

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