VJnetcast#122 – Radio LCF on Holiday

Radio LCF and I chat about his Winter Holiday from university in Sydney and I also talk about stuff with my Ex from my NYC Pride holiday, vacation.

Podsafe Music Network
The Chapter – Got Love
37hz – Stalker
Move – Canon
No Subordination – Take me Out

MP3 File

Clever advertising brochure! from LCF and Vimeo.

HNTG2 – Possum from LCF and Vimeo.


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3 Responses to VJnetcast#122 – Radio LCF on Holiday

  1. KipEsquire says:

    Next time it’s my couch!

    It’s ironic that one of the songs you played used Pachelbel’s Canon just when I posted a musical comedian’s rant about it. ;-)

  2. VJnet says:

    That is ironic. I guess Pachelbels’s one-hit wonder is stalking us all. lol

  3. VJnet says:

    Ohh yeah, next time i’m in town I’ll try to visit you, Diamond and the couch. hehehe :D

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