VJnetcast#114 – i’m a dgital boy

Crazy Randomness… I’m going to upload this, while I’m sleeping and update the info sooner or later :)
I got digital cable for the same price as what I paying for regular cable and I have a chat with Radio LCF and Andy Melton.
Radio LCF
Andy Not Andrew
Comic Book Queers

MP3 File

Palm Pictures: Who Gets To Call It Art?

Where I have been lately – A Vlog from LCF on Vimeo

VJnetpost: It Takes You To Make A Thing Go Right
Honorable mentions can be found in the Links section.

vjnetcast [at] gmail.com
radiolcf [at] tpg.com.au


2 Responses to VJnetcast#114 – i’m a dgital boy

  1. KipEsquire says:

    Hope you enjoy your first NYC Pride! :-)

  2. VJnet says:

    Thanks KipE! It should be a blast :D My friends tell me it gets crazy crowded and that it’s usually hot. hehehe. Maybe I’ll bump into you while I’m there :)

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