VJnetcast#104 – A ReMARKable Part of PodCamp NYC

Thanks to Chef Mark Tafoya. Who moderated a roundtable discussion for queercasters as part of the Podcamp NYC “unconference” at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan on April 7th, 2007.
MP3 File


Chef Mark Tafoya, Remarkably Mark
David Best, Librarian, Univ. of Illinois
Richard Bluestein, Yeast Radio
Bicycle Mark
Larry Vader, Little Fatty Cast
Chris, Somewhat Special Chris
Tim Corrimal, Orlando and Dennis, Go Rainbow Radio
Ramble Redhead
Nick McNeely, Question of the Week, IfNotNow.net
Kiki Molinari
Jeffrey Keefer
Dick Wolfley, channel125.com
Tristin Borland, Jaded City, queercasters.com
Vietjohn Tran, VJNet
Bradley Traynor, Wanda Wisdom, Big Gay News
Mark Baratelli, Lady Raptastic, IMakePodcasts.com
David Buckingham & Brian Griffin, The Occasional Fag
Cheryl Merkowski, whorehole.org
Randolph Wicker


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