VJnetcast#100 – Los Bones Wanna Warble

A soundscape of my friend, Jack and I at the Polo Club for Latin Night in Hartford, CT. The update and a poem by Ronani.

VJnet – Mash-up of Ronani’s poem “Bones Wanna Warble” (a part of the VJnetrack of my life, from that night at The Polo) and
“Vive El Presente” by DJ Sammy
MP3 File

Latin Night: A Polo King on Vimeo

Latin Night: A Polo Queen on Vimeo

If you’re in New York City. Stop on by and let’s chat and hang out with some fabulously listeners of QueerCasts :D
348 WEST 52nd STREET www.therapy-nyc.com
Friday, April 6th from 10pm – Midnight
Flyer by Tristin of JadedCity.com and www.QueerCasters.com

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