Tears Fall

All this talk of brothers passing, warriors that died, and tragic deaths of celebrities. Has unscabbed a never healing wound. Longing for more time with my Bà Ngoại ([maternal] Grandmother on my Mom’s side.) Who lived with us in America for a few years until she passed of cancer. Bà Ngoại was Buddhist Monk and had a Temple in Vietnam that my aunt Di Tu (how is also a Buddhist Monk) takes care of with her husband. But now the government is trying to take the Temple away because it is in a prime location in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

Both Bà Ngoại and Di Tu beam with gentleness, joy, peace and love. Even though Bà Ngoại and I had a language barrior (my Vietnamese is not that good), I always understood that she had nothing but love for me… I remember how she would hold my hand. Palm to palm. Caressing the top of my hand with her other. Hugging her, was like like as if I would want to squeeze harder, but I felt like she was fragile and had to do it with care. I can still remember the smell of her. I miss her. I love her. I wish I had spent more time with Bà Ngoại. I’m upset, but I will live… I feel stupid and alone…

Anyway, I was fortunate to meet my Bà Nội ([Paternal] grandmother on my Dad’s side) when I visited Vietnam for the first time a few years ago. I will cherish the moments I spent in Vietnam and my family, even the ones when Mom drove me mad.

I wonder how do you say Grandmother in other languages?

Di Tu
Vietnam 362

Tears fall
From loss
From absence
From lack of warmth
You are away
You are gone
I am away
I am here
We are lost
Tears Fall
Colors flow past my eye in light
Consul them

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