VJnetcast#72 – 4 Guys A Girl And A Mum

I chat with LCF and Amanda from Sydney, Australia, KC Randall Rick aka Carl in New York, Andy Melton from Tennessee and a special guest on Skype. We talk about V for Vendetta, film making, Coca-Cola is against Iraq and Iran, Koalas, Saddam Hussein and accents… We eventually had a 3-way video/audio chat on Yahoo!, I will not subject you to the hour and a half of screwed-up audio. But if you click on the bunny with a pancake on it’s head you can see some of the photos :)
MP3 File

LCF – funkremaster and udhara


3 Responses to VJnetcast#72 – 4 Guys A Girl And A Mum

  1. LCF says:

    i swear i’m going to kill you for putting mum in that

    i sound like such a bitch hahahah!

  2. VJnet says:

    I think that most people can relate when it comes to their Moms. My Mom drives me crazy if I talk to her for more than ten minutes. lol. Moms seem to not know that they are pushing the wrong buttons or is it the right ones… hehehe

  3. VJnet says:

    LCF, I was listened to this and I thought how funny is it that you and I would say the same thing at the same time… what’s up with that? lol!

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