VJnetcast#58 – Hold The Door for Someone

Lazy podcast just me talking with music by The Treacle, Mike Lasala and more. You also get to hear my new Mychingo voicemail and stuff.

MP3 File

KC Randall Rick
Michael and Mr. B

Crystal and Our Love Is Underground by The Treacles
Tell Me by Diddy ft. Christina Aguilera
Vietnamese Gang by Thai ft. Khanh Nho
Lose the Fence by Mike Lasala
Vietnam War Song by Creadance Clearwater Revival

You can e-mail LCF and Chop from Radio LCF at radiolcf@tpg.com.au


4 Responses to VJnetcast#58 – Hold The Door for Someone

  1. brad says:

    Hey VJ – it’s http://www.queercasters.com

    Queercast.com doesn’t work :)

  2. VJnet says:

    Thanks Brad! I fixed the link :-)

  3. Tristin says:

    Hey man, thanks for the mention on your show. I’m just getting around to catching up on all my podcasts, been so busy. And it’s InTristin.net , hehe.

  4. VJnet says:

    Tristin with an “i”. I keep forgetting. hehehe. All fixed :-)

    Ohh, and The Treacles told me that the pronunciation of their name is “Tree Calls”.

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