VJnetcast#57 – KC Randall Rick Netcast

I chat with one of my best friends, KC Randall Rick. Who came to visit over the Thanks Giving Holiday. And we talk about movies, comic books, music, Heroes and caught up on each-others’ lives. KC Randall Rick also takes over my netcast while I try to order food for us all to eat and stuff. If anyone wants to sublet in an apartment and live with KC Randall Rick in NYC from January through March.

Let one of us know!!! www.myspace.com/thelyght4 and/or VJnetcast.com

MP3 File

KC Randall Rick

Me and KC Randall Rick

Christina Aguilera – Hurt (Jack Shaft Remix)


8 Responses to VJnetcast#57 – KC Randall Rick Netcast

  1. LCF says:

    The opposite of feminist is shovinist I think – ie Men > women attitude (from when you were discussin Borat)


  2. brad says:

    John – you need a date for New Years? Arrgh! Why are all the cute, available guys live so damned far away? If I lived any closer, I would definitely volunteer to be your date. Like the haircut, also.

    Your friends from NYC is cute too.

    ::sigh:: I hate being alone for the Holidays…

    LCF…I think the word is spelled chauvinist. Yep…Firefox 2.0 has a spell check for when you are typing in text boxes.

    Chauvinism is only about “Prejudiced belief in the superiority of one’s own gender” – so the opposite of feminism would be male chauvinism

  3. LCF says:


    Thanks for the correction Brad! I’m so tired

    AND KC!!!!! i listened that far! there was no secret word though – do I still win my prize? :P
    And yes, I’m bored and I sent you a message – just updating my mums laptop, good to have people chatting/something to keep me company in the background

  4. Adam says:

    “Whats the opposite of feminist?” LOVE IT! hahaha.

  5. VJnet says:

    Hi LCF, I let KC know you listened to the whole show. I still don’t know what the 2nd prize is. But I guess you have to be in NYC to pick-up the 1st prize. You know his IM, so next time you see him online you can ask him :)

    Brad, Thanks for letting us know what the opposite of feminist is and about Firefox 2.0. I didn’t know there was a new version so I just upgraded :)

    Hey Adam, That Kaleidoscope video you made is pretty cool!

  6. InTristin says:

    What’s my prize? How bout a slice of that pizza? hehe

  7. VJnet says:

    Hi Everyone, There is only one more prize left if you can pick it up in NYC. Here’s the e-mail I sent to KC Randell Rick and the cool peeps that claimed/asked for their prizes;


    Hey, hey, hey KC,

    We have our 1st prize winner from NYC. His name is Tristin, (not my X-BF Tristan, a different one) who recently started his own podcast http://www.intristin.net . So you two can figure things out on when and where you can meet and stuff.

    LCF and Girl600.com are the winners of the 2nd prize… What are the prizes by the way? Well get in contact with them and let the boys and girl know what they won =D Girl600 left me a MySpace comment saying “Where is my prize? Karl said if you listened for that 50 minutes that you’d win something. Pay up!” LOL!

    Thanks for listening!

    BustB!G and Live your Dreams
    AIM/iChat/MSN: VJtran
    Yahoo! IM: V8johnt

  8. LCF says:

    i got an e-hug! woo! if only i live in new york i could have had a 3D hug!

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