VJnetcast#52 – It’s Just A Dream

VJnetcast#52 – It’s Just A Dream… or something. You hear an argument that was outside my bedroom window. And my spiritual friend, Anny, tells us a couple of the dreams that she has had. I mashmixed a couple songs that I think turned out suckie. But the one where I mixed in the “Sesamemoog” song by LCF is kinda cool :)
MP3 File


ota2 and Sesamemoog by LCF
Understand How’s It Going To Be Back To Basics (Christina Agulara and M-People) and Sesame Moving On Up (LCF, Third Eye Blind and The Jeffersons Theme Song) – mashmixes and by VJnet

Card Night

2 Responses to VJnetcast#52 – It’s Just A Dream

  1. LCF says:

    WOW – a lot of mothers were getting sex there MOFOS!

  2. VJnet says:

    Ha ha, I guess they were.

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