Radio LCF – Men and Jewelry

VJnet’s MyChingo voicemail gets hijacked by Radio LCF.

MP3 File

e-mail the guys from Radio LCF: radiolcf [at]

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2 Responses to Radio LCF – Men and Jewelry

  1. VJnet says:

    Just like men, there is bad and good jewelry. If it looks good then I think a man can wear jewelry. But I don’t think one should go overboard and wear, too much of it or wear gaudy stuff. Badly designed jewelry is badly designed jewelry, you know what I’m saying. Anyway wear what you like and hopefully it compliments with what you are wearing.

    Iain, I think it’s brilliant that you are podcasting through my MyChingo! I can’t wait for the next 2 minute gorilla hijack. LOL!

  2. dingdans says:

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