VJnetcast#50 – MacBoys Are Special

Signalite from SecretSimon.com, LCF and VJnet have a very special iChat ;D There is a couple of minutes of skipping near the end because I think LCF turned on his Skype while we were on iChat. Sorry, did I mention we’re special :)

MP3 File

Tears For Fears VoteMix by Vietjohn Tran


5 Responses to VJnetcast#50 – MacBoys Are Special

  1. LCF says:

    …. the wheels on the shortbus go round and round WHEEEEEEEEEEE… we *are* special :P

  2. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of being special, Iain, our connection was so special I totally hadn’t understood before what you were saying about drugs and music.

    I have to go catch my shortbus now…

  3. LCF says:

    i was saying i think drugs are bad, but sometimes, people can create great music when in an altered state – it was discussed in a tutorial just before i called you guys

  4. Michael says:

    Hey hey hey, VJ!

    Just heard Mark’s show… it was very funny that you left me messages on his show. :-)

    Anyway, it’s obviosuly time to wrestle! You can be “first” or “funnest”, but you can’t be both.

    Choose your wrestling substance – jello, mud, or cool-whip.

    M :-)

  5. VJnet says:

    Michael, I just heard Mark’s show today, too. I think I left that message on his MyChingChong-Chingo a few weeks ago. Before you had one :)

    Okay, you win! Q-cast is the funniest podcast in CT… But can we still wrestle in jello and cool-whip. lol!

    Ohh, I meant what Iain said about drugs and creating great music, too.

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