VJnetrack#44 – Skype’s The Skypeiest

I have my 1st Skype chat with Steve from PinkMafiaRadio.com You hear my latest NetVoiceMail messages and chatted with Brandon Perez, the other half of the A gay in a Life Podcast http://www.MeetBrandon.com and because Skype wasn’t working, we called each other. We also mentioned so many podcasters that I’m too lazy to make links to them on the credits, but they are on VJnetcast.com on the left side of my netsite :)

MP3 File




5 Responses to VJnetrack#44 – Skype’s The Skypeiest

  1. Steven says:

    Thanks for the Skype call, it was cute. I hope next time we can talk longer.

    Much Love

    PS I LOVE your MP3 file players that you have on your site, I hope you show me that trick one day.

  2. VJnet says:

    Thanks Steve! It was a pleasure talking with you. We got to do it again.

    It’s no big secret. My podcasting host hipcast.com provides them for me. But I did tweak the colors :)

  3. LCF says:

    hahah galvin is going to kill me when i send him this podcast lol

  4. Brad says:

    1st time listener from http://www.773podcast.com – I enjoy the show, despite your Skype difficulties. :)

  5. VJnet says:

    LCf, That Galvin is one silly dude. Thanks for the voice mail! Maybe next time we can chat whenever I’m on Skype/iChat and stuff :)

    Thanks Brad! Your site is way cool. I got to take a listen to your podcast. And thanks so much for adding my link on your side bar :D

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