VJnetrack#43 – PodSafe?

VJnetrack#43 – PodSafe? I play some cool PodSafe music, talk about John Cameron Mitchell‘s Shortbus, Jay Brannan, KillRockStars.com and stuff.

MP3 File

Credits and Soundtrack coming sooner or later :)

http://www.poweroutletcast.com (A Gay in the Life podcast)
http://www.myspace.com/ladyraptastic or http://www.ladyraptastic.com

udz143mix2, udhara, Not Sue Bee (Ahmad Mix) – LCF
Listen Up! – The Gossip
Unstick – Bitch
I Love You, Ono – Stereo Total
We Know Where You Sleep – The Paper Chase
Tristan And Iseult – Tarkio
New Kicks – Le Tigre
You Make Me Feel – DJ Kered
Online, The Last Time – Gnarls Barkley

3 Responses to VJnetrack#43 – PodSafe?

  1. Adam says:

    I liked all the music in this but in particular I liked the one that played at 24 mins, I can’t remember the title. I love you too VJ! :)

  2. VJnet says:

    Thanks Adam! yeah there are a lot of great artist on Killrockstars.com That song is We Know Where You Sleep by The Paper Chase ( http://www.thepaperchaseband.com . i think they’re super cool, too :-)

  3. Iain says:

    heya Iain here – udz143mix2 is a remix of an r’n’b track by a friend called Udhara just to clarify. Enjoyed the podcast – listened to it on the way to/back from uni (college :P)
    glad my music is getting an audience now

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