VJnetrack#13 – Saturday @ The Beach and Stuff

VJnetrack#13 – Saturday @ The Beach and Stuff

In the middle, the sound is messed-up in one part :O
Click on album cover to view the photo set :)

MP3 File

I’ll update this post sooner or later… updated!

Credit in order of appearance/mention:
Michael (we were at his beach house)
“Smooth Voice”
Lefty’s Religion by Ronnie aka Ronani

3 Responses to VJnetrack#13 – Saturday @ The Beach and Stuff

  1. Andy Melton says:

    So you think I sound cute ;)

  2. VJnet says:

    Yeah! I heard ya on John Ong’s MyChingo and you sounded adorable :) For some reason when I leave messages on MyChingo my messages sound slow and distorted (it might have something to do with my iSight)?.. I think I sound like a scary stalker. lol.

  3. Andy Melton says:

    There’s always a first for someone thinking I sound adorable, LOL.

    When you speed your voice up on the MyChingo it did sound a lot, lot, lot better! lol

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