They Come and Go, But Sometimes…

…They come back to podcasting and/or blogging and sometimes they go on to other things… They will be missed and remembered.

Back when podcasting first started I had a boyfriend and we were so excited and amazed by all the personalities and stories and lives that were being self-broadcasted and plus it’s hella fun to listen to! It was like the bube-tube for bloggers. It was also comforting. Like being told a story by a friend or a stranger while sitting around a camp fire. Except instead of sitting around in the dark around the crackling flame. We hear the clicking of a mouse and see the flickering lights from our computer screens, as we hear voices from miles away that connect us through our elctro-imaginations. Is this hope or desperation. Or is it a bit of both and then some.

I remember us listing to podcasters, like “Relish Radio,” “Poose Radio,” “A Gay in the Life,” “Secret Simon” and many others that are even, still around today. Some of them found other ways that felt right for them to express themselves and explore the world. Some of them were just “on sabbatical,” as Poose would say, and returned to podcasting.

I think that the reasons that people do anything should be for themselves and those that they care for as long as there is no harm being done to others. And if you believe that you got what you needed from it and need some time for yourself or something else that would make you more happy or they are just toO frustrated and overwhelmed. Then it is absolutely valid.

That’s life. We fill our world with friends and/or things that we feel will be there forever and make us better. When in fact things change. We realize that we do not have control over everything in our lives. How many people in your life are not there any more. They have moved on to other places… formed different lives. Discovered new joys or have vanished out of sight. But now we all have our collective memories and mp3s and .mov’s. So we can all rest assured that the our everyday lives, joys and losses are our experiences and also anyone else’s who cares to listen and most importantly, to interact with with us.

There are countless ways to interact with other people now a days. And those means of communication all have their special qualities. But that doesn’t mean that we have to use them or even that doing so is good for you. Some times you need to take care of your own shit in order to deal with yourself and other people… because no one likes someone who is full of shit. (maybe some people do ;-) To each their own. I wish them all the best in their lives and thank them for how they have touched mine. (Wow. I’ve noticed that I’ve become a better speller lately ’cause I’m getting fewer words wrong when I spell check them :)

Now I plan on going out this weekend and having fun with old friends & family and hope to bump into new ones. I hope you all do the same :-)


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